Bhootu 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Finds Out Mansi is Pihu’s Murderer

Bhootu 27th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi asks Aarav who really killed Pihu, she knows he did not kill her and trying to hide someone else’s crime. Aarav says she wanted him to accept crime, so he accepted, now she says he is not, what she really wants, he has killed Pihu and is ready to accept punishment. Suchi walks out shouting she knows he is not a murderer and will find out real murderer. Constable tells her he does not know how she is related to Aarav, Aarav takes her name whole day and cries taking her name even in sleep. Pihu calls Suchi from home and cries that Suman has arranged havan to ward off bhooth and there is fire all over house. She cries and calls her to come soon and calls Gopal to save her.

Babli meets Aarav next who informs her that Suchi had come and determined to find out truth. Babli says Suchi has become a nuisance for them and is spoiling their life since she entered Aarav’s life. She
Insists Aarav not to tell truth at all. Aarav asks her to tighten security and not let Suchi come near Mansi.

Anandita cries holding Pihu’s photo and feels Pihu is in trouble. She cries that she died because of her papa. Subodh also cries holding Pihu’s photo and says he was very helpless and could not save her all this is because of Mansi Randhawa.

Suchi takes Pihu to Aarav’s house and seeing tight security asks Pihu to go and open back door. Pihu obeys, surpasses guards and opens door. She gets afraid seeing Mansi and calls Suchi. Suchi rushes in and hears Mansi’s shout. Babli stops her and asks her why she is entering house like a thief repeatedly, if she is not happy sending Aarav to jail, what she is up to now. Suchi asks who is shouting inside and insists. Babli says she is her daughter Mansi who is mentally unstable. Suchi says then Mansi must have killed Pihu. Babli gets tensed. Drama continues…

Precap: Suchi goes to hospital to find out truth. Someone locks door and infuses toxic fumes. Suchi shouts to open door.

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