Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nanda and Vansh’s Master Plan!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyReview.com

Uma tells Kanak that she was right and he was wrong. Kanak says she told many words, which one he is talking about. He says about them. Kanak gets happy thinking he will say I love you, but Uma says he is talking about their friendship, even when she is not his wife. Kanak gets disappointed hearing this and says she thinks something, but Bholenath changes it always. Maasi sees Uma smiling at Kanak and thinks his heart his melting towards kanak and before he tells Kanak I love you, she has to corrupt Uma’s mind again.

Saras as Sara comes out of room and tells Vansh that though Vansh does not love Saras, Saras loves her a lot and he should think of her. Vansh tells her that he thought of divorcing Saras because he met Sara. Maasi calls him and asks why he is not doing anything about Kanak and Uma’s divorce, he should take his sister from here and return back Saras. Vansh thinks he should get back behna/Kanak from Uma’s clutch and make her realize about Uma’s tricks.

Kanak walks in market when she hears dog barking and hides. She then sees her childhood friend Jai and happily asks when did he come. Vansh comes and says he brought Jai as he had come to Pushkar to meet her. Jai and Kanak get along well and enjoy ice cream. Maasi and Uma also walk in market. Maasi thinks of brainwashing Uma and tells him that Kanak cannot be a good wife, she will find him a better girl. They see Kanak enjoying icecream with Jai and laughing with him. Vansh tells Uma that man is Kanak’s childhood friend and soon after Kanak divorces Uma, he will get Kanak married to Jai. Maasi brainwashes Uma again that Kanak has modern thinking and his traditional thinking cannot handle her. At night, Kanak tries to speak to Uma and switch off light before sleeping. Uma says her modern thinking is different than his traditional thinking, he wants lights on. Kanak thinks what is he talking about and seeing ice cream on her dress says her favorite dress is spoilt. Uma reminisces Kanak sharing ice cream with Jai and gets angry.

Aditya after partying returns home and is about sleep when Maasi asks him to get ready for Surya nasmaskar with Uma. Aditya says he hates all this and falls on bed when Uma calls him for surya namaskar and says they will perform 101. Aditya says he does not want to. Maasi says she has a plan and tells him. Uma with Shiv and Kanak waits for Aditya. Aditya comes. Uma asks him to take his position, they have to perform 101 suryanamaskars today. Aditya says yes.

Precap: Kanak asks Aditya to cut his hair. Aditya warns Maasi if his hair is touched, he will tell truth to Uma and is not afraid of anyone. When Uma tries to tonsure his head. Aditya shouts enough now.

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