Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali tries to break Roshni’s determination to expose her

Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali telling Roshni that nobody will trust her and asks her to try if she wants. She says your words have zero value and asks her not to stare her else she will ruin her respect infront of world. She challenges her to do whatever she wants and goes. Mata ji asks Anjali to come. Anjali acts good and says she will make Simar have it first. She tells Prem that there is so much dirty things outside outhouse and says they shall get pest control done. Prem says he will call. Anjali says she called pest control people and will handle everything. Mata ji tells her that she is feeling proud of her. Anjali thanks her and thinks she will kill Roshni in the outhouse itself. Roshni thinks how to expose Anjali. Just then Pest control smoke comes in the outhouse. She wonders what

is this smoke and coughs. She tries to open the door, but Anjali locks it. Roshni shouts for help. Anjali is standing out and smiles before going. Roshni finds the window also closed. She feels suffocated.

Sanjana makes coffee and recalls Sameer making coffee for her. Sameer comes to kitchen, looks at her and is about to go. She asks him to have coffee. Sameer asks her to make her boyfriend have coffee and asks him not to touch her. Anjali asks are you going somewhere. Sameer says yes and asks her to come out with him and have coffee. Anjali gets happy and thinks Sameer will go far away from Sanjana now. Sameer tells Sanjana that now she will feel his pain. Sanjana cries.

Roshni prays to mata rani and asks her to give her strength. Mata Rani’s idol is shown. Roshni manages to open the window and takes breath. She drinks water. She prays to mata rani and says Anjali have done this to break her strength, but she can’t break her. She asks God to give her strength so that she can save her family from Anjali’s evil plans. Anjali says Sameer that they shall go. Just then a man comes and says someone sent bouquet for Sanjana. Anjali thinks Sahil must have sent this. Sameer angrily calls Sanjana and says your boyfriend sent this. Sanjana says she has no boyfriend and throws bouquet and goes. Pari taunts Sameer. Mata ji tries to speak to Sameer. Sameer says he is not in a position to talk now. He asks Anjali to come. Anjali says she has some important work.

Mata ji says what is happening in our house, it is good that simar is sleeping now. Prem says we shall not give her stress. Roshni looks at them through the window and jumps inside the house. Mata ji hears the sound. Prem asks her to rest. Mata ji says she shall be with Sanjana. Prem asks her to rest and says he will go to Piyush now. Roshni feels she won’t let their relation ruin and says time has come to expose Anjali’s truth. Anjali goes to her room and calls Sahil, but his phone is switched off. Roshni comes to Anjali’s room and sends message to Sahil through her phone and deletes it. She thinks she will trap Sahil. She sees Simar sleeping in room and comes to room. She says I know you are much pained, but whatever I am doing is for family betterment, I have to leave the house to expose Anjali’s evil plans. She touches her feet to take her blessings and promises that she will never let her head down.

Roshni indisguise of house scolds Sahil for blackmailing Sanjana. Sahil says Anjali is behind this. Sanjana hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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