Pacifying My Husband (SwaSan OS) by Marsuu

Hello guys!! Here is one shot on serial track when swara didn’t trusted sanskar and suspect him for kidnapping ragini. In this there is no kavita’s entry just the way how swara will pacify sanskar. This is asked by harshita. I hope you all will like it. Ragini’s character is same like serial,negative and Malkin(owner) of the house and everything else also same.

Pacifying My Husband (SwaSan OS)

Swara is regretting and guilty for her behavior which intensionally or unintentionally hurted sanskar. She has realized her mistake and is trying to improve it. From last one weak she is not leaving a single chance to mend their relation but sanskar is also adamant not to forgive her, who knows next time she will again distrust him. She is tired of confessing her love for sanskar but all it looks like joke to him which are meant for fun. Swara’s eyes had shed infinite tears but they failed to melt Sanskar’s heart.

” enough of crying I will bring you back sanskar and this is promise of your dear wife Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” she encouraged herself for winning him back. Sitting near temple, she is continuously praying to God to bless her and help in pacifying sanskar.
Swara got alert as the door bell rings, she run to door bcoz she know sanskar came back from office. She stopped little away from the door on stairs as ragini already opened the door. Sanskar give a look to ragini and enter inside.
” sanskar” swara rushed towards him.
Ragini stood there to watch the drama. She is having gala time enjoying swara pleading to Sanskar and he ignore her.
Sanskar stopped as swara held his arm but didn’t reacted.
” I was waiting for you actually we need to talk” swara uttered hopefully. She want to talk to him as a best friend which they were once and her one mistake spoiled their innocent cute relationship.
” I’m not interested” his words filled with dryness and blank face. Sanskar softly remove her hand and went to his room. She is his love so he can’t be harsh with her. Swara’s face fell down in disappointment. Then she heard a sarcastic laughing sound, as swara expected she is none other than her so called sister.

” I’m feeling pity on you swara” ragini was doing the work of sprinkling salt on swara’s wounds.
Swara would have ignored her but she need to give answer to shut ragini’s mouth.
” u know ragini in husband wife’s relation fights, convincing, ignoring are ways to express their love opps u must not be knowing, your husband don’t even look at you” a smirk form on swara’s pretty face. Ragini didn’t got anything to say.
” want to listen something more or should I go??” Swara asked sarcastically. Ragini felt humiliated and glare at swara.

” pity on you ragini” swara said before leaving. Ragini’s blood boiled, she has controlled everyone in the house except this Swara and sanskar. Stamping her foot, she went to her room.

SwaSan Room:
Swara enter inside and saw sanskar reading some file. She with baby steps approached him.
” ahem ahem” she clear her throat to gain his attention. Sanskar neglected her gestures and was busy in his work.
” sanskar what should I do that u will talk to me” swara pouted questioning like a baby. Though sanskar didn’t saw her but her tone cleared him her expression. She is the cutest to be ignored but he won’t lose this time.
” don’t disturb me swara” he sternly said. Swara felt bad and went downstairs. Sanskar stare her retreating figure.

Sanskar came on the dining table and took his seat. All others are having their dinner silently, ragini is sitting on the head chair. Swara excitedly came from kitchen with a bowl in her hand.
” sanskar i made kheer for you” she was about to serve him but stopped when sanskar show hand.
” no need” Sanskar told. Swara’s eyes got wet how much happily she prepared specially for him.
” bhabi plz give me,your hands kheer is delicious” uttara said to divert swara’s mood.
” sure” swara slightly smile and serve uttara.
Sanskar noticed ragini was smiling as he said no to swara. Though he is angry still he won’t let her fall.
” swara give me kheer” Sanskar smirk at ragini. Swara’s face lit and she went close to him and served in his plate.
“Thank you” he mumble while swara smile brightly.
After dinner, sanskar came to the room and slept on the couch and swara didn’t got time to talk to him.

Next day:
Swara woke up and directly went to couch to wish sanskar as its his birthday today. Swara get to know from sujata. She got sad when didn’t find Sanskar there. She quickly get ready and went downstairs searching for sanskar. Her all excitement trashed when sujata told sanskar already left for office. Swara tried his number, all the time it was switched off.
Whole day swara planned a surprise for Sanskar. She baked cake with her own hands and decorated their room with balloons, happy birthday banners and all. Ragini was observing her all actions and was waiting to know what will happen. Swara set everything before evening as its usual time of sanskar’s arrival.

Swara is curious to surprise sanskar and is waiting for him. He is late today and sujata asked her to have dinner but she want to do with sanskar so denied. Her eyes were fixed at the clock which seems to be moving very slowly.
It was 11:50 at midnight and sanskar is no where. Just ten minutes is left for his birthday to end. It has been five hours since she is looking for him. Swara is sitting on the bed with her palms on the cheeks when the door opened. Swara literally jumped from the bed assuming its sanskar but to her dismay it’s ragini. Swara scrunched her nose and make faces at her.
” so sad that your hard work got wasted as sanskar didn’t came till now” ragini taunt her. Swara didn’t replied she is already depressed bcoz of sanskar’s absence. Ragini got irritated when swara ignored her. Then only sanskar came inside the room. He was amazed to see the decoration then his sight caught swara and ragini standing together.
” sanskar u didn’t care Swara has done all this for you” ragini pointed towards the room acting innocent. Sanskar know what is going in her mind.

” ragini this is done by my wife with so much of love and I think u better stay away” sanskar said dangerously which definitely scared ragini. Swara is all the time looking down with teary eyes as its already 12:05 and sanskar’s birthday is over. Ragini left as Sanskar glare at her. Sanskar closed the door and turn towards swara. She didn’t looked at him and directly went to bed lying over there covering herself with comforter.
Sanskar firstly got confused with her actions but soon got shocked when he heard swara weeping. He hurriedly went near her and tried to touch her cover but then moved his hand back.
” swara” he called slowly. He panicked when felt swara is crying bitterly.
” why you are crying??” He asked.

” don’t talk to me u spoiled my surprise” she sniffs and said from inside the cover.
” okay first look at me” he said removing the blanket. Her eyes are red due to crying. Sanskar signed for what she is crying.
” let’s cut the cake” he said when she blink her eyes at him and whisper ” your birthday is over”

” nothing will happen with ten mins” he shrugged his shoulder. Swara slightly smile and got up. Sanskar blow the candles which swara enlightened then cut the cake.
” belated happy birthday” she said making faces. Sanskar chuckles when she said ” belated”. He feed her and then she made her eat. Sanskar was about to go when swara held his hand
” I’m forgiven??” She asked hopefully.
” no I won’t do that” Sanskar’s face was blank and hell serious. Swara failed to know what is cooking in his mind.

Sanskar steped closer and was close to her. His breathe hit swara’s face when she smelled something irritating. She realized it’s alcohol’s smell.
” you are drunk??” She asked.
” doesn’t matter” Sanskar caress her cheeks sensuously. Swara’s heart beat raised highly. Its the first time they are so close to each other.
” so you love me” Sanskar said more like questioned kissing her temples.
” yes” swara lowered her lids as her cheeks heated.
” good” he pull her closer she placed her hand on his chest to maintain balance.
Swara is looking down not able to meet his intense gaze.
” what you can do for me??” He asked lifting her chin.

” anything” her voice was firm and filled with confidence.
” leave me and go away” Sanskar blurted breaking her heart into million pieces. Swara’s tears are threatening to fall. She throw her arms around his chest hugging him tightly.
” I really love you Sanskar plz give me one chance I will never hurt you promise” she said crying.
” its too late I moved on in my life” sanskar break the hug.
” you are lying” swara wiped her tears with the back of her hand.
” I’m not go and sleep” he said looking everywhere but her.
Swara stare him with teary eyes and he went to couch. Swara took deep breathe and was about to go when Sanskar called her.
” swara” she instantly turn ” hmm”.

” no need to do anything special for me next time” Sanskar said and lie on the couch. Swara don’t know what to do. She felt defeated, the thing she feared was that Sanskar don’t care for her and ragini is right. Thinking deeply, she went to bed and slept.

Next day:
Sanskar is sitting on the couch and working when Swara came with something in her hands.
“Sanskar I need your help” she took seat beside him. Sanskar was astonished as since morning she didn’t talked to him once also and now behaving so normally.
” what help??” He asked out of curiosity.
” who is better among them??” She kept three dashing boys pictures in front of him. A layer of jealousy crossed Sanskar’s heart just thinking why she has boys pics.
” who are they??” He asked trying his best not to show what’s going inside him.
” out of these one will be my would be hubby” she made an innocent face.
” what!!!” Sanskar shouted at the top of his voice.

” yeah actually we had signed the divorce papers so ma was worried for my future and you also said me to move on” she was so casual like nothing happened,here Sanskar panicked. He was being rude just to make sure she won’t repeat her mistake but he never thought she will take so seriously.
” how can u even think of any other man when u are married to me. You know how much I love you and u were also claiming u love me now where your love went!??” He shouted in one breath. Swara hugged him tightly as finally he confessed that he love her.

” swara” he pulled away from the hug and said in pure dilemma.
” you know who are they??” She pointed towards pictures. Sanskar shook his head not understanding what she is doing.
” they are models I had taken pics from internet. I just tricked you so that u can accept that u love me” she closed her eyes scared of his reaction.
” you know how I felt??” Sanskar was really furious.

” even I felt bad when you said me to leave you” swara softly whisper as tears make their way through her bubbly cheeks.
” I didn’t mean that” he wiped her tears leaving a kiss at her forehead.
” I’m so sorry and I will always trust you pinky promise” she place her hand at throat swearing not to repeat the mistake.
” love u” he said.

” I love you tooo till infinity” swara hugged him again.
” punishment is still pending madam” sanskar whisper in her ear confusing her. Before she could say anything he picked her in his arms lying her on bed.
He look in her eyes for permission and she closed her eyes in anticipation. The next moment he sealed her lips with his. They become one in all sense.

After a week:
It’s been a week since swasan patch up but no one know in the house about it. Ragini still think sanskar is angry with Swara totally unaware to what extend they had gone ahead in their relation.
Sanskar is busy on laptop when swara came from shopping with uttara. Swara told uttara about her and Sanskar and she felt happy for them.
Sanskar smile at her gaining a warm enchanting smile from her. Her face is glowing. She has two bags in hand. One she kept in cupboard and taking the other, she went near sanskar.
” sanskar this is for you” she said keeping bag near him.
” hmm I will see” he said still busy on laptop.

” okay” she quickly left the room saying.
After about fifteen mins, when sanskar finished his work, he opened the bag expecting a shirt or something like that for him.
But to his surprise there was babies shirt, pant and toys. He got confused that why swara give him this, putting little stress on his mind he realized what she want to convey.
Sanskar got up and ran downstairs. All ladies are in dining area setting for dinner.
” swara” Sanskar shouted coming near her. His loud voice gained everyone’s attention.
” you gave me that bcoz we are going to become!??” He almost know but still want to confirm.
” yes” swara shyly whisper.

” ohhhh God thank you so much love u” Sanskar engulfed her tightly. All family members were confused as what’s going between them.
” Sanskar what happened??”sujata asked curiously.
“Mom u are going to become grandmother” Sanskar said. Sujata jumped in excitement and hugged swara. All blessed swara and were happy for swasan except ragini😏

” but u both have signed the divorce papers” ragini said not able to bear swara’s happiness.
” swara is mine and so called divorce papers can’t change anything” Sanskar said shutting her mouth.
” I want to tell I got job in top industry of USA and I with swara are leaving next week. That job is enough for me and swara moreover I don’t want my wife and baby under the influence of cheap people” Sanskar said last words glaring at ragini. Everyone accepted their decision.
After a week swasan left to USA and after nine months swara give birth to baby boy and trio lived happily.

The End

I know my stories are not that good but still I put lots of efforts to make them better. Your little appreciation really encourage me alot though I write for swasan and will complete my stories for them.
If possible try to share your views, point out mistakes that helps me to improve.
Thank you

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