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Part: 24
After Few Weeks…

Shivaay “Tuffy please bring that Coat to me” he breathed out falling on bed “I Just hope she gets happy seeing it” he smiled running his gaze on the decoration of the room he did…Tuffy brought his coat to him by holding collar in his mouth and dragging it to him “Woah! That’s why I love you” he patted tuffy holding the coat…before he could take out his mobile to call annika he got a call…
“Khanna calling” was flashing on the screen “Gosh! Why he’s calling?” he rolled his eyes and accepted the call
Khanna “Hey! I and Mallika are coming to meet you two” he shouted in excitement
Shivaay “Whattttt?” he screamed outta shock
Mallika “What? Why you’re sounding so shocked? I mean I know it’s okay to be shocked but this much? Is everything okay?” she got suspicious
Shivaay “Ummm nothing like that! I mean I was excited but I know it’s not possible so happiness and sadness combined & I sounded so weird” he stammered covering up “God why they’re coming?” he thought in his mind
Khanna “What do you mean?” his voice dulled
Shivaay “I mean annika is out of station for some recording and I’m just going to board a flight for my meeting in pune and then to Sweden…It’s kind of impossible to meet you for a week” he sounded sad but was biting his nails thinking if they’ll be convinced
Mallika “Ughhh, I got this leave so hardly” she faked crying
Khanna “Same here! I think we should cancel out leaves and take them next week” he said
Shivaay “Perfect! And even if you don’t get one we’ll visit you” he jumped in happiness as they were convinced
Mallika “Why do I feel as if you’re so happy?” she again doubted
Shivaay “No doubt! I’m so happy finally after 2 hours annika called me” he lied again
Khanna “Then talk to her… we’ll talk to you later” he concluded the convo
Mallika “Yeah bye shivaay” she smiled and disconnected the call
Shivaay “Thank-god they both were convinced otherwise our weekend would’ve been ruined” he sighed falling on bed again and dialed annika’s number and rings started
Annika was going to sing when he mobile vibrated and seeing shivaay’s name flashing she blushed and putting it on speaker she started singing…

*Tu mujhe chor jayeeee…, yeh nahiiii hosktaaaa, saathiyaaaaaa…
Meri baato mein tera zikar sadaaa
Meri yaad mein teri fikar sadaaa
Mein jo bhi hoon
Tum hi tou hun
Mujhy tumse milli apni adaaaaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi hooooo
Chain bhi mera dard bhi
Meri ashiquee ab tum hi ho
Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Harz bhiii…
mera marz bhi…
chain bhiiii
mera dard bhiii…
meri ashiquee
Ab tum hi ho…***
“Lovely” he whispered and she smiled as she heard it

Annika “did you liked it?” she smiled walking out of the recording room
Shivaay “Asking as if you didn’t hear what I said?” he too smiled
Annika “how do you know? That I heard it?”
Shivaay “It’s obvious yaar I know you can even hear the un-spoken words… isn’t it?” he smiled
Annika “Yeah, just like you do!” she too smiled
Shivaay “Btw, when are you coming back? What time?” he came to point
Annika “after half an hour! What’s the matter is everything okay?” she asked getting curious
Shivaay “Ofcourse… just I’ve planned a dinner and yeah if you get Mallika or Khanna’s call please say that I’m going to pune and you too are out of station rest I’ll tell you once you reach home” he said in one go
Annika “Okay, love you. bye” she nodded and smiled thinking of dinner
Shivaay “Love you too bye” he smiled and disconnected the call…
Delhi airport
Khanna “Let’s go for dinner what say?” he made puppy face looking at Mallika
Mallika “Ofcourse after all our plan is ruined” she nodded getting in car
Khanna “Really?” he got all excited and jumped in car “I wish our plans cancels daily” he smirked evilly in his heart and started the car
Mallika “Stop smirking like that, that’s really weird” she rolled her eyes
Khanna “I didn’t” he made an innocent face
Mallika “I can see don’t lie” she narrowed her eyes
Khanna “Mean you have fallen for me? I mean you can see my heart too” he giggled and she rolled her eyes “Whatever!”
*After Half an hour*

Annika entered in cottage but it was all dark inside “Hello shivaay? Are you there?” she called him out and soon lights turned on and there he was standing with a bear in his hand covering his face with it “OMG!” she jumped in happiness and hoped to him all excited “He’s so cute…” she shrieked and kissed on his nose but shivaay dropped it down and the kiss was on his lips, her lips landed on his and he blushed and she was shocked and moved back
Shivaay “I didn’t know that you’ll be so happy seeing it” he shied away
Annika “I Wasn’t that happy” she turned red
Shivaay “What?” his eyes widened
Annika “I mean I was happy but the kiss, I gave it to teddy” she stammered
Shivaay “So what? I still liked it” he pulled her to himself holding her waist
Annika “Ahaa.” She looked down
Shivaay “You’re shying as if it was first time?” he smirked
Annika “It always feels as if it’s first” she placed her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him
Shivaay “I’m not in a romantic mood today…” he left her
Annika “Neither me” she too got apart and turned her face
Shivaay “I’m hungry” he held her hand
Annika “Haww shivaay you’ve become so cheapde” she widened her eyes opening her mouth in a perfect O shape
Shivaay “Idiot. You always think like that only; I mean dinner is in your room” he explained
Annika “but I never said that” she smirked
Shivaay “But your words said it, now stop and come” he rolled his eyes
Annika “First confirm what you want, stop? Or come mean move?” she grinned
Shivaay “Oh god! Mad girl” he again rolled his eyes and turned to her and picked her up in bridal style “You just wanted this” he glared her
Annika “Yeah, I was really very tired” she giggled placing her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes wrapping her arms around his neck…
Shivaay “Madam, don’t sleep…” he started walking
Annika “I’m not” she whispered
Shivaay slowly walked upstairs and breathing out he whispered “Now leave me” but she wasn’t replying “Gosh! She again slept!” he shooked his head and smirked and threw her on bed
Annika “ahhhhh” she shrieked “What shivaay? Why you threw me?” she whined
Shivaay “it’s the 2nd time you fell asleep on the day of our special dinner…” he narrowed his eyes
Annika “Sorry” she rolled her eyes and stepped off the bed “Let me get fresh” she walked in washroom
Shivaay “Haww? She didn’t even say about decorations!” he stomped his feet’s on floor and walked down to kitchen to get dishes…

Few Moments Later~
Annika was sitting on her bed crossing her feet’s and moving like a pendulum while shivaay was placing things on bed with discipline “Shivaay it’s not some cleanliness competition” she shooked her head in disbelief
Shivaay “You said you’ll bear my every irritating thing… I’m obsessed with cleanliness and this is my bad habit many says and some says best… can you adjust?” he innocently asked leaning to her
Annika “Ofcourse! If you can handle my laziness and my weird habits why can’t I?” she kissed on his cheek and he smiled being satisfied
Shivaay “Now let’s eat” he sat beside her crossing his feet’s and leaned his head on her shoulder
Annika “are you fine?” she placed her hand on his cheek
Shivaay “Yeah, just little bit tired” he kissed her hand and she smiled
Annika “Did you ordered it?” she removed the covering of bowls
Shivaay “I Made it for you” he looked at her and she smiled…
Annika “Wow, first wish completed!” she turned her face to him and again kissed on his cheek
Shivaay “Yeah!” he kissed back and soon light goes off and tha hanging colorful lamps started lightening up
Annika “Wow! I thought they’re just decoration pieces” she held his hand
Shivaay “That’s why you didn’t say anything” he giggled
Annika “Naah, I was going to but forgot… the decoration is just perfect for our dinner date” she sides hugged him
Shivaay “There’s much more… first let’s have dinner” he reciprocated and then they started eating their pasta and much more things (I don’t know the name of dishes)

Annika “Shivaay next surprise?” she asked and lights turned on
Shivaay “It’s in your washroom… you’ll understand by seeing it… I’ll be back in few minutes get ready” he picked up the tray with the utensils and walked down.
Annika “Yes!” she ran inside washroom and picked up the wrapped packet and ripped the cover in million pieces and smiled widely seeing the thing
Shivaay placed the tray on slab and picking the box of pet food starting adding food to pet bowls and then walked to the washroom of his room and seeing the clothes placed on counter made weird faces “In love we do weird things” he sighed and picked up the maxi…
Annika “These boxers are so weird” she rolled her eyes slipping into them
Shivaay “Ughhh, this bra is so irritating” he scratched his back and kept on adjusting the strips
Annika “I’m looking so cute in this” she blushed seeing herself in mirror
Shivaay “Ahh… I’m stuck help me someone” he struggled to get his head out of maxi “How girls wear these he cursed the one invented this style
Annika “Perfect, none can be cuter than me” she flipped her hair and walked out
Shivaay “I’m looking awful” he rolled his eyes walking upstairs…
They both came face to face as she stepped out of washroom and he stepped in room, for some minutes they kept on looking and then moved toward eachother…

Annika “Shivaay!” she held his hand
Shivaay “Annika, you’re looking so cute in this 3-piece suit larger than your size” he pinched her cheeks
Annika “But, you’re looking so funny shivaay” she trailed her hand on his bare back and burst into fits of laugher when he covered himself with his arms
Shivaay “you called me funny?” he narrowed his arms and there she got a hit on her with the pillow
Annika “Hawww” she turned and held the pillow hit back
Shivaay “You hit me?” he hit back
“hawww” one more hit
“annikaaaaa” one more hit
“Shivaaayyyy” one more hit
“Ughhh” and again
“Huhhh!” one more
“Stop it” they both hit eachother and BOOM! Pillow teared up and feathers starting flying in air and they burst into laughter
“Thank-you” annika hugged him
Shivaay “Behave shivaay, you can’t hug me like this” he laughed hugging back and they slipped and landed on bed
Annika “Yeah. Annika control, you can’t hug SSO like this” she sternly said and pushed him
Shivaay “Shivaay, who cares” he hugged her laughing and she reciprocated
Annika “Seriously thanks, for completing my 2 wishes” she kissed on his cheek
Shivaay “It’s my duty so don’t say thanks…now leave it thank and all let’s take some selfies…” he looked at her
And then they both took many selfies and pictures too…
Falling on bed again “Enough of selfies and all…” he looked at her with his half closed eyes
Annika “Ahan what’s next?” she blushed
Shivaay “Yeah” he snuggled, into her “Lets sleep” he closed his eyes
Annika “Yeah” she too cuddled into him and closed her eyes placing a kiss on his cheek
Shivaay “Love you” he kissed her back and pulled up the blanket
Annika “I love you too” she smiled and cuddled more…
Soon they both dozed off in eachothers embrace…

~Next Morning~
shivaay woke up with the knock on the door… and rubbing his eyes walked down and opened the door “Thank-you uncle” he thanked holding the newspaper from the man of the shop nearby… but hearing no reply by him her looked at him and he was standing with wide open eyes and was still “what happened to him?” he wondering looked at himself and covered himself screaming “It was just game” he stammered and closed the door being embarrassed
Annika “Hahaha… Good morning my jaan” she kissed his cheek and ran back upstairs…
Shivaay “God!” he ran to his washroom and changed into his Casuals “That was really embarrassing” he combed his hair and opened the mirror cabinet and there was pasted the list of her wishes…
1. Plan a weekend with fiancée at home when he wears my clothes and I wear his. Including Undergarments… *DONE* *COMPLETED! *
2. He paints my nails
3. I want to do his hair-cut or maybe shave too
4. Soak with him in a private Jacuzzi.
5. Go to a vineyard with him for wine tasting
6. Watch the sun-rise with him
7. Cook a meal for me *DONE* *COMPLETED! *
8. Ride a cycle with him on the great wall of china…
9. Come eye-to-eye with Africa’s Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda.
10. Swim in jelly fish lake in Palau with him…
11. Kiss him in a hot air balloon ride…
12. Honeymoon in Yosemite Valley
13. Have a water balloon fight with Him…?
14. Sing with him in public place
15. Marry shivaay… *Cut* Daksh *Cut* only shivaay
Writing done on 1st and 7th wish he smiled!…

To Be Continued…

Precap: Next Wish!

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