Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunti’s fake ghost confuses bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya telling that they are caring Kunti so much. Prema says they shall care for sasumaa and romance with husband. They all tell that they want to care for sasumaa. Pratibha says we are her daughters. Pratap asks Kusum to learn from them. Panjiri says she will make hot rotis for her. Kunti says she don’t want to have and asks her to have pity on her stomach. Pari says you have to eat sweets. In room, Prema asks Pari why did she say that Kunti is going. Panjiri asks her not to tell this as didi can’t hear this. Pari says when she can’t hear then you can also not listen. Prathana says they shall go tomorrow to Shiv’s temple and pray for her. They all agree. Panjiri and Prathana think to check Kunti. Prema also comes there. Panjiri asks why did she come?

Prema says she came to check her. Pratibha comes and asks if sasumaa is fine. She says she came to see Kunti with mosquito killing racket. They get inside and hear Kunti snoring. They see her sleeping peacefully. Pari says why God wrote such thing. Pari comes out of bed and says she got her torch. She says she got sasumaa’s earring and will make her wear it. They stop her and asks how did she come?

Pari says she came to keep an eye on her and after coming to room, she locked the room. Pratibha closes the door. They see mosquito. Pari says she got another earring and will make her wear it. Kunti turns. Pari’s hand get stuck under Kunti’s head. She wakes her up. Other four bahus hide beside bed. Kunti wakes up and asks what she is doing here? Pari says she came to shoo mosquito. Kunti asks her to go. Pari goes and locks the door from outside. They come out through window.

Prathana says we will go to temple in morning and light diya for sasumaa’s long life. In the morning, they come back home after lighting diya and sees Pratap crying and mourning over someone’s death. They think Kunti died. Pratap asks why did you leave? Who will handle bahus now, and asks who will give me pocket money. They all cry. Pratap says I will taunt whom now? Panjiri wakes up Kusum and says Maa ji left us. Kusum gets up shockingly and again sleeps. Panjiri asks if you have heart or not. Prema sees Maa ji…Pratap says she died at 2 pm. Prema says she is coming here. They all see and think her ghost is coming. Pratap says she is here as ghost. All bahus get scared. Kunti scolds Pratap and asks with whom he is acting. The girl who acts to be dead gets up and tells that Kunti has ruined their act. Pari says mummy ji have become more young. Kusum says I knew and was singing in dream. Pratibha asks if this was acting. Kunti asks woman to go. Woman refuses to do acting in his play and asks him to get Kunti act in his play. Kunti asks him to wrap his stuff. All bahus hug her and says thank god you are fine. Kunti says I am fine.

Pratibha says they shall use wooden stick if Kunti gets electrocuted. Kunti is using hair dryer and shaking her body. Pari thinks she is feeling current and takes wooden stick in her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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