Kasam 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja feels bad for hurting Rishi

Kasam 24th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyReview.com

The Episode starts with Tanuja telling Abhishek that she will not leave him. Abhishek gets happy and says now he will take care of Rishi’s family too. Natasha asks Gauri to make lemon juice. Gauri says she is making tea for Rishi. Natasha gets happy and says she wants to meet him. She runs and goes. Tanuja sees Natasha and Rishi playing. She asks why they are laughing. Natasha asks him not to tell and says it is our secret. Tanuja says your Papa is coming you and asks her to go. Natasha calls him Papa and then says her papa is calling her. Rishi kisses on her cheeks. Natasha says she will be back and asks him not to go anywhere. Tanuja asks him why he is going near Natasha when he will go far away from her. Rishi says they have blood relations. Tanuja says so is he taking blood support. She says when

she gets Natasha custody, she won’t let him meet her. She says she wants to move on and wants to marry Abhishek. Rishi says you don’t want to marry him. Tanuja says I will marry with all rituals. Rishi says you will marry me with all rituals. Manpreet comes back from London and asks Ahana why she haven’t told him anything. He says he will go and meet Rishi. Ahana asks him to go tomorrow. Manpreet says ok and says good night. Ahana says she is going out.

Myra sees Rishi and says she can’t talk to him now and supports Abhishek. Rishi says ok. Myra asks if he don’t care if she talks to him. He says it is not like that. Myra gets upset and goes. He thinks why she is behaving like Natasha. Rishi comes to have food with others. Gauri says she will serve him. Rishi says Tanuja asked me to serve myself. Abhishek asks him to go and have food in room. Rishi says ok and gets up. Maasi asks him to have food sitting with them. Tanuja feels bad for being rude to Rishi. Gauri comes and says you have done wrong with him. Tanuja comes out and sees Rishi went.

Gauri also comes and asks where is hero? Myra says he didn’t have food. Abhishek says let it be, who is he? Myra says nobody. Tanuja thinks he didn’t have food because of her. Ahana comes to room and thinks manpreet is sleeping. She says I really missed you. She pulls the blanket and sees pillows. She thinks where is he? Manpreet comes to meet Rishi through window. Rishi says nobody likes him here and says Tanuja talked to him rudely and refused to serve him food. Manpreet says she is acting to be rude with you. Rishi says she challenged me that she will marry Abhishek. Manpreet says you would have challenged her back. Rishi says he had already challenged her.

Tanuja thinks about Rishi and cries thinking she was rude to Rishi and refused to serve him food. She thinks she will become Tanuja Abhishek khurana after marriage. Rishi asks Manpreet to go as Ahana would be waiting for him. Manpreet goes. Rishi comes to kitchen and searches for food. He thinks he is much angry and thinks where might be the food and opens fridge. He thinks where is plate and searches for it. Tanuja comes and switches on the lights. She asks what is he doing at this time. He says he is hungry and came to have food. She serves him food. Rishi says you would have given me before, acts to be rude. She goes. Rishi thinks she will come again and scold me and leave then. Tanuja comes and says she was actually angry and don’t care about his feelings. Rishi laughs. Tanuja says it seems you got mad. She regrets to tell him that she is angry with him.

Rishi says whenever I am hungry, she serves me food. Tanuja comes and says she don’t care for him, and she is serious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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