Naamkaran 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil faces defamation

Naamkaran 23rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa feeding tamarind to Mishti. She says you look so lovely when you smile, but you always stay sad. Mishti asks how do you know. Gurumaa says I know everything. Mishti says I stay sad even when angel has come, am I a bad girl. Gurumaa says how to tell you, you are Najayaz/illegitimate. She asks Mishti to spell it. Mishti says Nayajaz, but what does this mean. Gurumaa says Maa Durga doesn’t love Nayajaz, who stays sad always. Juhi looks for Mishti.

Mishti comes back. Juhi asks where did you go, did you go to meet Avni, why are your hands sticky. Mishti says tamarind. Juhi asks why did you not drink milk, will you have it. Mishti says no. Juhi takes her to have a handwash. Its morning, Avni says its a mystery, who has sent that message. Shweta says think, who is

getting profit by this news, I had the recording, Juhi told me that she lied, I left phone in the box, but who has sent the message, Neela is the witness about my words, but who lied to Neil. Avni says Juhi, but why will she do this. Shweta says a mum can do this, I will not think for anything for my child. Avni thinks to find out the truth.

Neil and Juhi’s affair news spreads out. Mishti sees the news and hears she is Nayajaz. She repeats the word. Prakash hears her and asks her not to watch tv. He takes her. Neil and Avni hear the reporter saying bad about his affair and illegitimate child. Reporter asks people to share the opinion, if Neil is a super cop or super lover. A man gives newspaper to Ali and asks him to read the news. He talks cheap. Ali beats him up. Neela reads the news and cries. She sees Aisha and Juhi’s pictures with similar articles. She says I tries to save Avni, why is this happening with her. Shweta tears the newspapers and cries. Bebe asks her to tear more papers, everyone is reading news because of her. Shweta says I didn’t call media.

Gurumaa sees Neil and Avni’s pics at the wall. Vidyut gets the tea. She says I applied black color to Meher and today Meher applied this to Avni, Maa Durga gave us justice. Vidyut says no, we have to torture her. She says now I feel my son came back to me. Juhi asks Mishti why is she not eating food. Shweta gets poha for Avni. Bebe says now we will race, one who finishes food will come first, I don’t want any sad face, Neela smile now. Juhi says yes, right. Avni asks Mishti to get happy now. Mishti asks how can I get happy. Avni asks why. Mishti says because I m najayaz. Neil comes and hears her. They all get shocked.

Avni recalls Aisha and her moment. She cries. Neela asks from where did Mishti learn this. Prakash says from tv news. Neela says we know someone’s old wounds can get fresh by such news. Avni cries and leaves. Avni sees Aisha, Ashish and her pic. She recalls Mishti’s words and says I will never get rid of this word Nayajaz. Bebe, Neil and Neela look on. Bebe says just you can manage her, go.

Avni gets hurt. Neil cares for her. He says I m responsible for this, its my mistake, I should have not got Juhi home, I gave you a burden of my past, no you don’t deserve this, your life got complicated because of you, I want to solve it, but don’t know how, you can leave me if you want. They cry. He says I won’t have complains, I will respect your decision. She holds his hand and says come with me. He asks where. She says we shall go to Aisha. They leave. Juhi hears them. Vidyut says you have tolerated a lot of pain, I promise Neil will bear much pain, Juhi will breath on my saying, I called her to graveyard to meet, Avni is taking Neil there. Juhi will give us news about her. She removes the bandage. He asks what are you doing. She says you did aid with love and I couldn’t stop you, some wounds should be left fresh, so that we don’t forget who gave us the wounds. He says I remember this well. She says you know your enemy’s wounds. He says Juhi’s weakness is Mishti. She says our real enemy is Avni, Juhi doesn’t matter to us, Avni’s wound is her illegitimacy, so she knows Mishti’s pain, she can’t forget this, this word is a big weapon for us, this will break Avni and Neil.

Avni says don’t know how Vidyut came here, Mishti was playing in her room. Juhi asks how can you be so selfish. Mishti hits Juhi with a stone. Juhi says you taught this to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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