Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali ruins Sanjana’s character in everyone’s eyes

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush telling that there might be some misunderstanding. Sameer says today he saw her with the same man and says Anjali is the witness. Anjali says whatever he is saying is truth. She says she saw Sanjana hugging a man. Everyone is shocked. Sanjana asks what you are saying? Anjali asks her not to lie now and says I trusted you, but we can’t ignore the fact now. She says don’t know whom to trust now. Sanjana cries. Sameer asks Sanjana to tell that she didn’t go to that man’s room on that day. Sameer says she is silent and that means she betrayed me and having an affair with that guy. He says he can’t stay with her now. Pari gets happy. Sameer goes to some other room and recalls seeing Sanjana with stranger. He breaks the things in the room and gets shattered.

Sanjana goes to him.

Mata ji says we can handle him. Anjali says we shall talk to him once he calm down. She asks them to go and says she will talk to her. Sanjana tries to go to room. Anjali comes and stops her. She says Sameer is very angry now. Sanjana says I am not having any affair. Anjali says Sameer’s thinking is important and says nobody can help you. She says she will talk to him for once and asks her not to come inside. She goes inside. Sanjana sits outside and cries saying how to make you believe that I haven’t betrayed you and is innocent. Roshni thinks to talk to Sanjana and get to know about the truth. She feels Anjali is behind it and thinks to talk to Piyush, but before that she has to know the truth. Prem asks Mata ji where is Simar? Simar is sitting in shock in the temple.

Prem asks Simar not to lose hope and says we will pass this test too. Mata ji asks God why she is taking test again. Prem says such up and down used to come in life, we have to keep faith on God. Mata ji asks Prem to leave simar for sometime and asks God to keep her blessings on Simar.

Roshni comes to Sanjana. Sanjana says you might be angry with me and want to scold me. Roshni says I want to tell you that I trust you fully. She says my heart is saying that you are right and not wrong. She says it is not truth that whatever you see is right and says half truth is very dangerous. She says surely there is a big understanding. Sanjana says she is feeling relieved. She tells her that she did a mistake and don’t know how she reached that room. Roshni asks her to tell everything. Sanjana tells that when they were in resort….and tells about that night. Roshni sees Anjali coming out and asking Sanjana not to go and meet Sameer. Roshni’s doubt gets cleared and she comes to Anjali. Anjali asks what happened?

Roshni says I have caught your lie and says you made everyone believe that Sanjana is guilty. She says you might be surprised how did I caught you? Anjali starts acting seeing mata ji and Piyush there, and touches her feet asking why she is doing this, says Sanjana is my sister why I will do this. Roshni asks her not to fool her. Mata ji shouts Roshni. Anjali says she is blaming me again. Mata ji blindly trusts Roshni. Piyush scolds her. Roshni asks him if Sanjana can do this cheap thing. Mata ji says whatever you are doing now is wrong, you have made me upset, today you have proved that you are weak to judge the people, you can never handle our house. She says I never doubted on your intention and doubts on her intention. She asks do you want to break my family. Roshni cries and says if you doubt on me then it is not right for me to stay here, and I have one way now….I will leave the house right away. Simar hears and is shocked.

Sanjana asks Piyush to stop Roshni. Roshni leaves the house. Sameer also leaves the house. Simar faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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