Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita meets her family

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking I have seen Pihu and left, its my mistake, I should have taken her to Budapest. She recalls Pihu’s words. She says no one paid attention to Pihu, what happened to Raman, children were his life. Her car breaks down. She gets down to check. It starts raining. Raman sees her and stops the car. She says rain in this season? He gets the umbrella for her. He offers help. She says you go, I m calling mechanic. He says pay me money for this work, let me do this. She thinks you don’t have time to meet Pihu, get drenched in rain now. A song Aaj rapat jaaye…plays….. on radio at a stall. Raman gets flashes.

The umbrella flies off. Raman sees Ishita and goes to her. He holds her hand and dances with her. He says this rain, this thing happened

before right. She pushes him away. He goes to her. She stops him. She asks why did you never meet Pihu. He asks who’s Pihu. She gets shocked. He goes to check her car. She thinks Simmi, its because of you, a father forgot his daughter, I will do anything, but get his memory back. He says your car got fine, go. She thanks him and leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays….. He thinks why does Pihu’s name looks familiar.

Ruhi asks Ashok when will Ishita come. Ashok says she will be coming. Simmi comes and asks did Raman not come here. Parmeet says he came here and disappeared, Raman and Ishita both are not here. Ashok gets a call. He says we have to postpone this meeting, Ishita is stuck in other meeting. Parmeet says what work can they have. Simmi gets a call from principal. The lady says Pihu is not having food, since her mum met her…. Simmi says just I can meet Pihu, no one else, its my orders. She ends call and says I have to do something of this Ishita.

Simmi comes to Iyers house and asks for Ishita. Amma says she is not here. Simmi says ask her to stay away from Raman and family, we broke all ties with her when she killed my daughter. Bala scolds her. Simmi argues with him. She asks him to watch Ishita’s black deeds. She plays the news video. She says people call her Ashok’s mistress. Bala shouts. She says why did Ashok free her, we will not let her ruin our lives. Amma makes her out of the house. Simmi says I will kick out Ishita, ask her to stay away.

Amma cries and asks Appa did he hear Simmi, what she called Ishita. She says Ishita has made me ashamed today. Bala consoles her. Amma gets Ishita’s belongings to burn. Appa asks her not to do this. She says Ishu died for us, what will we do keeping these things. Kiran asks Amma to burn everything, as Simmi told such things against Ishita. She asks Amma how can she believe Simmi. Amma asks her not to talk in between. Kiran says I understand everything, you stopped yourself as your heart knows Ishita can’t be wrong, she can’t be mistress or murderer. Amma says I don’t believe anyone. Kiran says then burn this.

Amma asks what do you know about her. Kiran says I was in touch with her when she was in jail, she didn’t wish me to tell anything, she couldn’t see you sad, Ashok got her out of jail, he is just helping her, when Ishita knew her family is in problem, she went to Budapest, she is not anyone’s mistress, she has your values, how can you doubt your daughter. They cry.

Ishita comes home. They all get glad. Amma hugs her and cries. She says sorry, I was burning your clothes. Ishita says then burn it, burn old Ishita with old clothes, new Ishita will be born now, who will change time and get her family back, who will get family together.

Amma asks what, Ashok has cancer. Ishita says he is in bad state, he wanted to repent, he felt helping me is the best way, people change so much, some people become good and some people turn bad. She recalls Pihu’s words. She says Simmi has changed, I can’t believe she is same Simmi whom we knew, she has much negativity and hatred, Parmeet filled hatred in her, she just wants revenge from me.

Raman gets back ache. Ishita relieves his ache. Parmeet comes in. Ishita asks Raman does his staff member not have manners. She asks Parmeet to get masala tea for them. Raman asks Parmeet to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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