Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali’s selfish motive ruins Sanjana’s life

Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming somewhere. Simar tells Prem that don’t know where she left. Mata ji asks Sameer to tell. Sameer says he didn’t know. Anjali says everyone is tensed as she went without informing anyone. Sanjana returns home. Pari says she has come back. Simar asks where did you go and asks are you fine? Sanjana is silent and tensed. Simar asks her to tell. Sanjana say everything is fine. Mata ji says you would have informed us and asks how can you be so careless. Sanjana says she left in a hurry and lies about her friend’s accident. Simar says I called all your friends…Sanjana says you don’t have this friend’s number. Anjali smirks. She tells that nobody thinks to inform in emergency. Mata ji says we were worried. Sanjana apologizes. Mata ji asks her to go. Sameer thinks Sanjana lied infront of everyone. Roshni feels the same thing. Sanjana goes to room and thinks why did that man called me when he don’t want to meet me. Sameer comes to room and holds her, asks why did you lie to everyone. He says you can’t fool me as I know you lied to them. Sanjana cries. Sameer asks her not to make him fool and says he will enquire about the truth.

Piyush coughs while working. Roshni gives him water, but he don’t take her from her hand and goes. Mata ji and Simar looks at them. He goes to kitchen and have water. Mata ji asks are you fine? Piyush says yes. He asks if they have any work. Mata ji says we are very proud of you as you supported your sister. Piyush says he has fulfilled brother’s duty. Simar asks him to be a good husband. Mata ji asks him to be careful with relations. Simar says specially husband and wife’s relation and asks him not to ignore his wife.

Mata ji gives +1 marks to Sanjana. Simar asks her to give +1 marks to Roshni. Mata ji says Roshni’s name shall not be at board and erases her name. She tells that Roshni is not suitable and tells that she has no patience till now. Anjali thinks very soon Sanjana will be out too, and she will be on board alone.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Mata ji asks Sanjana about Sameer. Sameer says I am not coming as I don’t want to be with Sanjana. Simar asks why is he angry? Sanjana says we had a small fight and that’s why he is upset. Mata ji asks her to convince her husband to come with them. Sanjana says yes. Anjali says all the best and asks her to go. she thinks Sanjana will fail even now, it is guaranteed and will be fun. Simar says Sameer will come and can’t be angry with Sanjana. Anjali thinks situation and emotions have changed now.

Sanjana asks Sameer to come with them. She folds her hand and says if anybody comes to know about the conflict between them then they will break. She asks do you want our family to stay away from happiness because of us. Sameer says I will come, but I have a condition. He asks her to tell the truth. Sanjana promises to tell him in morning. Everyone gets happy seeing Sanjana and Sameer coming downstairs. Anjali is shocked and wonders how did this happen. Simar says you have passed with full marks. Prem says husband’s rope is in wife’s hands. Mata ji says jagrata started there. They all go for jagrata.

Next morning, Simar does aarti. Everyone says jai mata di. Simar asks Sanjana where is Sameer? Sanjana says he is sleeping. Simar gives her Prasad. Mata ji tells Simar that time has come to give keys to Sanjana. Anjali hears them and thinks Sanjana is puppet in my hands, and will dance according to my wish. Roshni smiles hearing it.

Everyone is worried as Sanjana left without informing them. Sameer and Anjali are in the car. Anjali tells him that Sanjana is with a guy and hugging him. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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