Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman feels connected to Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman walking on the road and thinking of Ishita. Leja mujhe…..plays….. He thinks whats happening with me, as if I know her well, I get peace staying with her, I like spending time with her. He sees a couple and recalls Ishita. He sees a bike. He imagines Ishita. She says bike ride is fun. He says its not segway, you have to ride it. She says I don’t know riding. He says fine, I will teach you. He takes off the bike and they leave. She enjoys the ride. They smile.

Bhallas get happy seeing everyone. Mani and Shagun hug. Mani hugs Aaliya and signs her not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla takes Shagun aside and asks what happened there, did Raman meet the doctor. Shagun says Raman is behaving strange, when he met the doctor, he behaved like everything is fine,

Ishita came there, Simmi got us here. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know why is she with Ashok, I used to regard her daughter, now I hate her, I don’t want Raman to meet her. Shagun says Raman didn’t identify her, he may have forgotten her. Mrs. Bhalla says strange, but its good that she forgot her. Mani says it means Raman didn’t recognize Ishita. Parmeet says its better if we don’t talk about my daughter’s murderer, I hope you don’t help her come in this house, you may know your limits Mani, our relations shouldn’t get bitter, just be careful. Shagun says this is not a way to talk to Mani, I agree you are managing Raman’s family and business, don’t forget you are son in law and living in Sasural, I m here before you came here, I m Shagun, if I become old Shagun, you can’t even stand in front of me. She asks Mani to come. Mani asks Parmeet not to argue with Shagun. They leave. Parmeet goes to his room. Aaliya smiles.

The lady asks Raman to stop the bike. She shouts for help. Raman stops the bike and asks who are you, tell me. She says I want to go to my husband. Raman asks who is your husband. The man comes with police and catches Raman. The man complains about Raman. Ruhi sees Raman and asks driver to stop the car. The couple scolds Raman. Ruhi comes and defends Raman. She says there is some misunderstanding, he is not fine, try to understand. Raman says I have not done anything. Raman says sorry, there was someone else on bike. Ruhi takes Raman to her car. Raman looks around and thinks what’s happening with me. They leave.

Appa and Amma see Ashok and Ishita’s news on tv. Amma gets upset. Appa pacifies her. Bala and Kiran come. Amma says Ishita is having an affair with Ashok, she is still Raman’s wife, why is she with Ashok. Bala says she has come India, I will talk to her. Amma says why did she not meet us, forget her, I will not let this happen with Mihika. Appa says let Mihika come back.

Mrs. Bhalla hugs Raman and gets glad. Raman says I m tired, I want to rest. He goes to his room. Simmi asks Parmeet about pills. Parmeet goes after Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Ruhi how is she. Ruhi says I m fine, I got things for you from Paris. He asks why did you go Budapest. Ruhi says I remember everything, my company is running well. Simmi asks what are you doing here. Ruhi asks her to go and see Raman, and forward his message for her. She goes.

Simmi thinks I will make all your children alone Ishita, Ruhi is an example of this. Parmeet gets medicines for Raman and gives her. Raman says no need of water, I will take it. Parmeet goes. Simmi says Ishita is responsible for all this, I m scared, she will try to come back. Mrs. Bhalla says I will throw her out. Simmi gets message. She says new problem, come with me. They see news of Ashok and Ishita’s affair. Simmi smiles. Romi comes to Raman. He asks how was your trip. Raman asks which one. Romi says you went Budapest, you would have met… Raman says yes, but don’t remember anything. Romi says you would have met Ishita.. Raman says yes, I met her, I got peace meeting her, I met her for the first time and feel I know her since long, I want to know more about her, I forgot to take medicines. He takes medicines.

Romi asks him to think, its medicines’ side effects. Ruhi comes and sees Romi and Raman. She says stop it….. Parmeet says its good Ishita thinks she changed pills through Ruhi. Simmi says yes, we are smarter. Parmeet says I gave dose to Raman. Simmi says she will come here. Ruhi asks Romi what are you doing, you know he is not fine, he will remember everything gradually, don’t pressurize him. Romi says I was just asking him. Ruhi gives Raman’s wallet. Romi says you are worrying for him a lot. She goes. Romi smiles and thinks this is because of Ishita, Ruhi fought with me for her dad, Ishita come back, this house and we all need you a lot. Ishita arrives and thinks my real fight will begin now.

Simmi says Ishita has sent flowers for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to throw it. Pihu says Simmi comes every week and scolds me, she scares me Ishimaa. Ishita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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