Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ashok distracts Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita is she threatening Simmi. He says you are our investor, it doesn’t mean you talk to my sister like this, we have to cancel this deal if you talk such, you have to apologize to her if you want this deal, my family is my strength. Ishita says I don’t want to end this association, I m sorry. He says I m sorry, but please, next time. She says I will be careful. He goes. Simmi laughs and taunts Ishita. She says I hope you understood my brother is in my hands, I just let him remember the things that I want, you both got separated forever. Ishita says we have old record, we always come close, whoever comes in between, our love breaks every wall, we have a companionship of seven births, our love can’t end because of you.

Simmi says Raman and

you can’t get together again. Ishita says I can die for him, I can do anything to save his life, you are hurting her to take revenge from me, your game is over now. She leaves. Romi and Mr. Bhalla come to meet Bala and Appa at a restaurant. Appa reacts seeing them. Bala says atleast talk to them, Romi loves Mihika, we should help them. Mr. Bhalla says Bala is right, Romi is ashamed of his mistake, that girl blackmailed him, I know Romi well, he loves Mihika a lot, he doesn’t want Mihika to go from his life, he should get a chance, Raman is in depression, I have seen him lonely, I don’t know the same to happen with Romi, we have to save this marriage, please. Appa agrees. Romi smiles. Appa says I have a condition, I won’t ask Mihika to meet Romi, he has to win her trust. Bala says I have a plan.

Ruhi argues with Shagun. Adi goes after Aaliya. Shagun says I m putting efforts, why are you… Ruhi asks did you ask me before, don’t connect suddenly. Aaliya says I shouldn’t have come here, Adi behaves bad, I hate him. A man greets her and says you are from India, ain’t you, I have an idea, you can come with me to the club. She goes ahead. Ruhi says when I needed you, you and Ishimaa were not there, I m really done with it. Shagun sees Aaliya and goes to her. Ruhi says when they have no interest in my life, why do they act. Aaliya says I don’t even know me, leave me, you can’t touch me. The man asks her to come along. Adi comes and scolds the man. The man leaves. Aaliya thanks Adi. Adi says I would have done this for any girl in your place, this is not a kiddish thing to end relation, I have many problems at home, if you don’t leave your addiction, then it will ruin our relation. Shagun asks are you guys fighting. Adi says nothing, just some fight, we should go to Simmi, please don’t tell this to them.

Ruhi asks Ishita why did you call me here. Ishita says I was not bored there, I have to talk regarding work. Ruhi says don’t ask me to gel up with Raman, that’s it. Ishita says I will tell you something for our business’ profit, Raman is given some harmful pills, you have to stop him, he might take you seriously, if you do this, it will be good for business too, you have to give him other pills, your partnership will be beneficial if you do this. Ruhi agrees and takes the pills. Ishita thinks even Aaliya could do this work, but I want Ruhi and Raman to connect again, I hope this gets possible.

Amma comes to the old building to collect bank papers and talks to Appa on call. She sees Bhallas’ flat and recalls their happy moments. She gets dizzy. Romi holds her and asks are you fine. He shouts to Neelu for water. Mrs. Bhalla comes out and sees Amma. Romi takes Amma home.

Aaliya tells everyone about the old church. Ashok and Ishita see the family from far. Raman sees her and calls her out. Ishita says you here… how did you know I m here, we came here for a concert. Raman says why don’t you all join us. Simmi thinks Ishita is acting innocent, she is following Raman. Ishita asks are you following me. Raman says maybe I would have followed you if I remembered things. She laughs. Ashok thinks to make Simmi away.

A man tells Simmi about Parmeet’s call, he told about some emergency, heart attack… Simmi says I have no phone, do you have a phone. He says no, you have to make a call from public booth. Ishita says this 70s drama always works. Ashok says I took her phone when she kept her bag near washroom, I paid my driver to lie to her, don’t worry, go to Raman. Ishita thanks Ashok. She runs to Raman. Do haseen tann mann ka….plays…. They roam around in market. She sees Adi and Aaliya fighting. She sends Raman. She thinks why are they fighting in middle of the market….

Amma thinks of Ishita. Romi gives her water. Parmeet looks on and thinks Ishita is troubling Simmi there and Amma is here, I have to stop this. He shouts Neelu, I won’t have food today. Amma thinks Parmeet is staying here, is he behind all the tension. Simmi calls Parmeet. She asks who got heart attack, you called driver. He says no, I didn’t call anyone. She says I understood, Ishita did this. He asks did Raman take pills. She says no, I will go now and give the pills, she is troubling a lot. He says she is very clever, go and keep an eye on her. He worries.

Ruhi stops Raman and says you don’t need these medicines, you will have this one from now on. Simmi asks Raman why did you agree to Ruhi. Raman says because she is my everything. Ishita says everything will get fine gradually.

Update Credit to: Amena

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