Would you miss Chandra Nandni?

Star Plus’ mega historical drama Chandra Nandni is coming to an end. The leads Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad have done a commendable work. Siddharth Nigam also joined the cast recently to portray the role of Bindusara. The story was around Chandra and Nandini’s love journey. The show has put light on the life of Chandragupta Maurya of the Maurya Dynasty and his unexplored love story with Nandini, who was his biggest enemy’s daughter. Chandra and Nandini had hatred for each other, to the extent of taking each other’s lives. Destiny unites them. Since then, they develop a relation of understanding, trust and respect. Their hatred turns into love.

Chandra and Nandini together face many enemies, fight battles and become each other’s strengths. Chandra and Nandini’s love becomes eternal. Shweta gained many fame and appreciation with this show. Rajat rose to fame by his portrayal of Akbar in Zee’s Jodha Akbar. Siddharth is most known as Ashoka from Colors’ Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Chandra Nandni is soon going off-air on 10th November 2017. The show is getting replaced by Ikyawann. Would you miss Chandra Nandni? Let us know your opinion.

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